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Choosing a Side Table for the Bed

There are so many furniture essentials you can consider for the home and one example is the bedside table. This is a practical piece of furniture that will keep your bedtime essentials along with a lamp. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a bed side table.

Size and proportion are very important when selecting indoor side tables. You have to measure the bedroom along with the size of the bed and the available space on either side. You need to make sure that the bedside table doesn’t overpower the bedroom. You need to check whether the table is proportionate to the bed and whether the combination is harmonious. There are some general rules you can use to select table dimensions. You need to check whether the height of the bedside table is the same as that of the height between floor and top of mattress. You can also have the table slightly lower. It is harder to use it when the table is higher than the mattress. Think about the bedside essentials you generally have and the space required to store these. For example, if you have a lamp that has to be placed on the table, you need to check whether the size of the lamp and table are proportionate.

Your bed frame

Also has to be considered when choosing the style of the bedside table. For a modern sleek bedframe, you can select a contemporary table that complements it. You can also have a vintage or classic bedside table for a traditional bed frame. When choosing the bedside table, you have to consider the overall design of the bedroom. The functionality of the table has to be thought of as well. Think about your storage needs. Some people will prefer to have no clutter on the surface of the table and to achieve this, you need to have shelves or drawers in the bedside table. You can keep essentials tucked away from sight. You can also make sure that charging cables are organised so that visual chaos is minimised. A simple design is more suited to a minimal aesthetic.

Think about the materials available for the bedside table.

The style of the table will vary with the material. There is warmth when you choose a wooden bedside table and it will give a classic touch as well. If you want to have something lightweight or something that highlights the modern aesthetic of the room, you can select glass or metal tables. This doesn’t mean that you cannot use wood for modern aesthetic. If you are looking for this option, you can check whether there are wooden designs that are simple and minimal without any embellishments. You can also combine metal and wood such as a bedside table with a wooden top and metal legs. You don’t always need to match the same material of thebedside table to the bed and other bedroom furniture pieces. You can also have a mix and match approach so that there is more visual interest. This has to be done carefully so that all the elements in the room are balanced.

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