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Common Causes of Glass Damage

Glass is a commonly used building material for residential as well as commercial projects. But it can be more at risk for damage than other materials and there are a few things that you should be aware of when considering the safety of the glass. Once you understand the situations that can cause damage to the glass, you will be able to take steps to minimise the occurrence of these accidents.

In the case of a cracked or damaged glass, you can contact AAA glass repairs to visit the site and assess the damage. They will then provide a quotation with a timeline. It is best to get several quotations so that you are able to compare them in terms of price and other quality considerations. Glass is susceptible to changes in weather and it can expand and contract like any other material. Weather conditions such as snow, hail heavy wind can damage windows. When glass is exposed to extreme temperatures for a long time, it can give rise to cracks on the glass. There is not a lot that you can do to stop the changes brought on by weather but you can certainly limit the damage. Most of the time, when there is heavy wind, there is debris kicked against the window that can cause small chips. When there are seasonal changes where the weather goes through intense fluctuations, it can affect the glass. If you receive a hurricane warning for your area, it is best to board up the windows to minimise most of the damage.

There are some changes that come with the age of the glass. When windows age the risk of glass cracking can increase. This is because of the gradual deterioration of the glass. So you may see this occurrence in many older homes. Generally, older homes have less durable glass and they are not treated in the same way as modern windows. Timber windows can weaken with time and they can go through changes based on extreme temperature fluctuations. The window seals can degrade over time and the insulation can also be affected. Therefore, aluminium windows are best for locations that experience these phenomena as they are more durable than wooden windows. If you have timber windows, check for signs of rot.

Physical impact can cause glass damage. This may be because of an accident or vandalism. When kids are playing in the garden with a ball, there can be accidents that happen. Also, in certain situations, birds can fly into the glass and collide with it causing cracks to appear. Accidental impact can be from flying debris, impact from trees and storms etc. Sometimes the glass can shatter completely. When there are minor damages to the glass, these can be repaired with an experienced glass repair contractor. But when the glass is broken, you will need to look at replacements. Make sure that you board up the opening until the glass is replaced. To minimise vandalism, you can install cameras and alarms that can deter most burglars.

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