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How gardening can change your life

Gardening can be a great hobby. There can be so many benefits of gardening. It’s significant to not forget how important trees are to us and our lives. We tend to forget this as we get busy with appreciating technological advancements and forgetting the actual benefit of nature. Mother nature is always nourishing its children, even though us humans sometimes not care about it and destroy it. There are so many things we can do to save earth and nature. We don’t spend any time to think about nature and think how to stop exploiting it. We do many activities knowing it pollutes the nature.

Furthermore, we find it so hard to get some time off our busy schedules to spend with our loved ones, talking about gardening it can be something we don’t attempt to get some time at all. Our lives can be very stressful and busy. But gardening can help improve these conditions and give us a happy and healthy life. Gardening can help you feel relaxed and peaceful. We spend most of our time staring at screens, once we get a spare time we spend the spare time staring at screens too. This can be more stressing and can cause different problems. Stress can lead to mental health issues like depression. Depression is the most common reason for suicides nowadays.

Gardening is a great way to spend some time with your family. You can encourage your children to do some gardening with you every weekend. You should also explain to them the value of gardening and how important it is to make gardening their hobby. When you have a garden, you must do the needed maintenance. You should also consider lopping trees regularly, so the garden looks spectacular, and it helps trees to be healthy.

It’s critical to encourage the younger generation the importance of trees in our lives. Kids own an iPad from a very young age, and they grow up learning how to use an electronic device from a very young age. They don’t grow up learning to enjoy the nature. The kids of current generation doesn’t know what nature is and how beautiful it is, then are just confined to four walls and an electronic device. This can be a great disadvantage of this generation. In such cases, it’s significant to have an own garden. It can be very difficult to see trees and nature in cities.

Nature is something that we have to always protect. These days, most of the activities of humans and most of the bad habits of humans are the main reason why nature is being devastated. If we think wisely and act appropriately, we can protect the nature. The use of plastics has been a great problem in this world now. It is also causing harm to the wildlife in nature. Our activities are bringing great harm to the wildlife, it’s sad to know our simple habits lead to death of these wild animals.

Yara Davison
the authorYara Davison