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How to design your living room

Moving to a new home can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, but it can also be an unexpected time, especially when it comes to decorating. Do it well, you will have a comfortable and happy home.  Do it poorly, you will end up with a lot of furniture, materials, and paint that will never dry.  By following the small steps and professional steps taken by professional interior designers, you will stand a better chance of success. The main living spaces, whether combined into single rooms or open spaces, provide a platform for living with family and friends.

The lighting

This can be something that is very important to consider as this will enhance the beauty of the house more. Having a spectacular house and not having enough light to see the beauty is going to be in vain. Modern builders focus more on creating a house that had natural lighting rather than artificial lighting. They place large windows which allows the natural lighting to light up the house. This will also make the house look more spacious and comfortable. Living room is a place where most of the people in the house spend some time together. Having a comfortable feeling will be a great idea.

The walls

The paint is in a color palette to show different colors in different lighting conditions.  This effect is only enhanced by walking four walls.  For this reason, it’s not a good idea to stick to a paint color when you first see a slide in the store.  Find at least the largest slide you can have in the room you plan to paint.  Better yet, paint large patches or spots on walls or plinths that can be moved around and viewed at different times of the day. You can check painters in Melbourne to get the best color you want.  Striking.  As long as you check the color before painting the whole room, do not be afraid of the dark, saturated colors.Once you have selected a color you can select the flooring and the other furniture.Wood panels, moldings, doors and other finishes can be visually removed to match a room’s color or another color in a room with colored walls usually to make it more vibrant.  Parts can also be painted with a different gloss than the walls.  Semi-gloss moldings are more attractive and will give them durability.

The furniture

Work according to the floor plan and inspirational photos, and choose specific furniture;  benches, chairs, tables that will bring the space to life.  Depending on the desired atmosphere, you can go in different directions. For a traditional room, it often helps to focus on symmetrical design .For example, placing a sofa and coffee table in the center of the fireplace, with chairs that can be placed side by side.

These are few things that you have to consider before designing the living room. Living room is the place where guests enter first so it has to be welcoming. Don’t not forget this when designing one.

Yara Davison
the authorYara Davison