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How to Maintain a Backyard Swimming Pool?

Proper pool maintenance is an important part in keeping your backyard pool clean and safe to swim in. It is such a perfect time to go and have fun in the water especially when the weather is good. Whether you’ll be swimming in it alone or with friends or family members, it is important to ensure their safety by having a clean and safe pool water.

Pool cleaning and maintenance should be done at least on a weekly basis for faster clean-up and to prevent dirt from building up as well. Here is a simple guide on how to maintain a pool weekly.

Remove Leaves and Debris

If you have trees or plants around the pool, it is common for leaves and other plant debris to fall into the water. You may also find other debris in the pool aside from leaves. Skimming these things is the first step in cleaning a pool. It is easier to skim debris while they are still floating on the surface than when they already sunk to the bottom. Skimming also prevents these debris from getting into your pool filter system and clogging it.

Brush the Surfaces

Algae and other dirt accumulate on the pool surfaces such as the walls, slides and ladders. Brush these surfaces with a pool brush or a pool stone cleaning block to maintain clean walls and surfaces in your pool. Brush all the dirt into the main drain for easier clean up after brushing.


After brushing the pool, all of this dirt will settle down into the bottom of the pool. To clean it all up, you’ll need a pool vacuum so you don’t need to drain the entire pool anymore. Pool vacuums work by sucking in the water and filtering out all the debris to release clean water back into the pool. They work as a separate system from the pool filtration system itself and you could choose from a robotic vacuum cleaner, pressure vacuums, and suction vacuums.

Run the Pump

The pool pump dictates the flow of everything all throughout the pool. They direct the pool water into the filters, drain, and other essential parts that keep your pool clean. It also helps keep the chemicals well balanced all over the pool so you can be sure that the water is clean and safe. Always keep the pool pump running to maintain good circulation in your pool and keep it clean. To save on energy costs, opt for a solar pool pump instead.

Clean the Filter and Test Pool Water

Conduct a weekly check in your pool filters and clean it from all the dirt and debris that are accumulated inside. You might also need to replace the filter if it is already needed. After cleaning, don’t forget to check the pool water and add the necessary chemicals to keep the water clean and safe to use.

Whether it is swimming season or not, you could surely keep your pool safe and clean with this simple guide.

Yara Davison
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