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Reasons to Use Concrete for a Commercial Building

Concrete is a widely used construction material and there is a reason that it has remained popular to this day. This is not a modern invention as the first usage of concrete occurred in 2500BC by the Egyptians. There is a lot of flexibility that concrete provides as a building material.

When you choose a Sydney concreter, you need to make sure that they are reliable and has a reputation in the construction industry. The reason that many people prefer concrete over other building materials is the durability that it provides. A building made of concrete can stand for almost 100 years. This is because the strength of concrete increases over time. You don’t need to worry about allocating a large amount of money for building maintenance as concrete doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. You will be able to create a strong building from concrete to ensure the safety of the occupants. It is also very resistant to break-ins. Concrete buildings are found all over the world regardless of climatic conditions. This is because it has a high resistance to extreme heat or cold which makes it a flexible material to be used in any location.

It will be hard for a concrete building to be infested with pests because concrete can be sealed completely barring access to pests. Concrete is seen as a very solid building material and the appearance of a concrete building conveys this message. There are many designs that consider this characteristic of concrete when they design buildings that convey stability and strength. You can find many banks, office buildings, and government buildings etc. that are made from this material. It gives a strong impression on any person entering the building or viewing it from afar. But you can also use it in ways to give it a certain lightness by incorporating mesh structures and going for thin concrete surfaces. So there are a lot of ways that an architect or designer can play with concrete to create amazing architecture.

Many construction projects are concerned with the budget and when it comes to large projects, you need to make sure that construction activities don’t exceed the initial budget. Concrete has a low manufacturing cost and therefore, it can be purchased at a lower cost. You can also find it easily because it is readily available. This will reduce transport costs. There are many finishes that you can do on a concrete building. You can paint or create a seamless finish or keep the natural finish of concrete to give a sense of rawness. Many prefer the raw finish of concrete for aesthetic reasons. Also, it will reduce the cost of finishing the wall using other means. Concrete is used to create secure buildings. It is naturally fire resistant and therefore it can minimise the risk of fire damage to the structure. By incorporating other fire fighting methods into the building, you will be able to improve the overall safety by a significant amount. Once installed, there is no harmful gas emitted by the material which will provide additional safety.

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