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Tips for Designing a Small Patio with Big Impact

The appeal of your home and its liveability can be improved when you transform a small outdoor area into a functional patio. There are strategic design choices that can be completed in a limited space that can create an inviting space for you to relax and entertain.

You can look into Build Smart Home Improvements Brisbane to get an idea of how to execute the project. Home improvement companies can carry out the design and construction of the patio. But first you have to think about how you intend to use it. This can be a place where you will relax and read a book or it can be an area where you can have outdoor meals with friends and family. If you have a compact home, it can also be an ideal space for entertaining guests. You will be able to enjoy the view of your garden from the patio and this will extend the line of sight as well which can make the space seem bigger. Once you have a good idea about the primary purpose and the secondary functions you want to include in the patio, you can discuss these requirements with a home improvement company or a builder that has a design team so that they can help make your vision a reality.     

As there is limited space, you have to maximise space efficiency.

This means carefully planning to patio layout. You have to choose furniture and accessories are multifunctional. You can also look for foldable or stackable furniture. Some other space saving solutions you can look into are wall mounted planters, fold down tables and compact or modular seating. The scale and the proportions of this space have to be well thought out. You have to make sure that the furniture and décor elements chosen suit the size of the patio and doesn’t overcrowd it. When there are oversized pieces, it can make the space seem cramped and small. But choosing small scale furnishings can also backfire as it can appear insignificant. You need to have a balanced composition. You can check out potential furniture items online. The product description will have the dimensions of the item. You can then use painters tape or masking tape to create the outline of the future and create a layout in the patio floor space. This will help you understand the actual size of the furniture and whether there is space for circulation.

You can divide the patio into distinct zones

So that different activities and functions can be grouped into certain areas. There can be a seating area with lounge chairs where you can relax and there can be a dining table with lightweight chairs. You can also have a green space to add to the beauty of the patio design. This can be a vertical garden or potted plants. The zones can be defined with rugs, decorative screens and planters. Vertical space is very important when you have limited floor space. You can use the vertical space to hand planters, wall-mounted shelves or trellises so that visual interest can be created without taking up floor space. These elements will also draw the eye upwards to create an illusion of height.

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