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Tips for Maintaining Outdoor Timber Furniture

There are so many types and models of timber outdoor furniture. You can experience a lot of benefits with timber furniture such as their increased strength and effortless elegance. There is a timeless quality to wood that is hard to match with other materials.

Many people can be wary about choosing timber for outdoors due to maintenance but this is not a big issue you will have to deal with. You can also ask the manufacturer or the store you buy outdoor furniture Townsville from about the cleaning procedure that is recommended for the pieces. Outdoor furniture can collect a lot of dust and dirt by way of leaves, pollen, bird droppings etc. This is true for any kind of material. Getting rid of dust in your outdoor timber furniture is easy. All you will need is a soft damp cloth to go over the furniture including its nooks and crannies. This will easily loosen off any dirt that is clinging to the furniture and you will be able to remove cobwebs and leaves as well. You can take this time to examine the outdoor furniture for any dents, marks or any other indications of damage.

Consider the colour and texture of the finish. Some finishes tend to fade over time after being exposed to direct sunlight. You will need to refinish them to bring back the original finish of the furniture. You can sand the furniture and wax, oil or apply a coating on it again to fortify its durability. You can even spray the outdoor timber furniture with a hose as long as the jet of water coming from it is gentle. Mild soap can be used for a more thorough cleaning. You may need to deep clean the furniture after a few months and on this occasion you can use a soft scrub brush. Don’t brush all over the furniture piece randomly. You need to check the direction of the timber grain and have the brush going over the surface in this direction only. A deep clean is recommended at the beginning and end of summer as this will be the time your timber outdoor furniture gets the most use.

After you have cleaned the furniture, there will be some moisture on the surface. You need to use a cloth all over the surface to dry it. Once you do this, you can have them out in the sun to dry completely. Many timber outdoor furniture tends to come with cushions to improve their comfort. You need to clean the cushion as well. For routine maintenance, you can use a cloth to dust them or use a handheld vacuum to get rid of most of the dirt and dust. You can wash the cushion cover if they get very dirty. Make sure you purchase covers that can be washed in the washing machine. It is recommended to clean any dirt or grime on the furniture when you see it instead of leaving it there for your routine cleaning date.

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