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Turning Out a Spare Room into a Closet

If your master bedroom is beginning to look cluttered and doesn’t seem as restful as it used to be, then maybe it’s time to explore ways to move some of what you hold in your bedroom to another room.

Often, clutter and disorganisation in a bedroom come from a wardrobe and shoe rack that is either not spacious enough to hold all your items or gets messy because there are not enough designated areas to hold everything you wear regularly – think scarves, socks, belts and underwear. What you can’t put inside a cupboard gets left out elsewhere in the bedroom. Not having a place for everything means a lot of pulling and shoving out and into cupboards and drawers which leads to a messy-looking bedroom.

When converting a spare room into a closet room think about incorporating additional wardrobe space by scanning for either secondhand or new wardrobes for sale that you can add to your room for extra storage. 

The first step in the process is to choose a room or space, preferably close to your master bedroom to convert into a closet. If you think you can’t afford to use an entire room, think about partitioning the room.

Here’s a checklist of things to consider when planning your project.

Storage unit positioning: right at the outset, even before purchasing your storage units, think about where and how to place your units. Think about the door and window positions and how much free space you need around them. Would you want to line up your units against one wall in one line, or stacked in two parallel lines facing each other, or do you want them in a U shape or L shape? Take some masking tape and paste it on the floor to demarcate where the units will be placed to give you a visual idea of what the final look of the space might be. Take note of the dimensions, you will need them when shopping for your storage units. If your space is small, think about storage units above windows and doors as well. Make space for a full-length mirror if you can.

Checklist of what to store: after you have figured out your space design, think through everything your closet will hold for you. This checklist will be your guide when deciding on allocating space for your things and the kind of storage you will be needing for them. Your objective is to designate a space for everything you want going into your closet room. This will help you stay organised and prevent the room from becoming cluttered over time.

Think through design and lighting: think about colour schemes,additions like a chair, dresser, mirror and the overall look and feel you want to achieve. You want it to be an inviting and uplifting space and not a store room of things. Don’t pack too many things in there or you will end up with the same problem you faced in your bedroom which made you decide on a dedicated closet room in the first place.

Yara Davison
the authorYara Davison