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How To Keep Your Children Engaged at Home

The holidays are approaching and there is one that lingers in the mind of most parents and that is “how do I keep my child engaged at home during the holidays?” Well, whether you are new to this parenting business or whether you are an experienced player this question will haunt you for sure.

This is not because you do not want the child to be at home, but mostly because you want the best for your child and fears that they will not be able to provide their child with the entertainment that they deserve.

So, what can we do? 

There are many activities which you could do with your child and there are many activities which your child will be able to do alone if they are the only child or even with siblings. You do not have to worry thinking that your child does not have any siblings as there are many such children in the world

Arts and crafts to the rescue

One such thing is doing arts and crafts that would improve their creative abilities while keeping them engaged. Lots of children love doing arts and crafts and may simply not engage in those due to other reasons such as not being properly exposed to it, playing video games or watching TV more often than required and many more. There are kids craft kits available for children that would help them to improve their creativity.

Some examples

Some arts and craft ideas would be playing with clay, drawing and painting, origami, sewing, carpentry and many more. Apart from improving a child’s creativity arts and crafts activities helps them to improve their focus, attention, coordination, fine motor skills and many other skills which why they are considered to be extremely important for s child’s development.

Other ideas you can follow

Some other things that you could let your child do would be to keep them engaged in learning but in a fun way. For example, you can try with them or encourage them to try on their own things like sudoku, crossword puzzles and etc.

Of course, holidays do not mean that a child can engage in fun activities entirely as the school gives homework, isn’t it? Therefore, paying attention to academics is important and is also a very productive way to keep your children engaged and stop them from creating trouble for themselves as well as others.

A variety of games

You can even try playing games like hide and seek, run and catchers, dodge ball or any other similar games so that the child stays physically active during the holidays as well. If you do not have time or are loaded with work, encourage your children to play with the rest of the neighborhood or siblings or cousins. 

What is bad is not entirely bad

Video games and television, although highly recommended by experts, are two other ways of keeping your child engaged. Afterall, I believe everything in moderation would work therefore games and TV in moderation will give the children the entertainment that they are looking for and will make them feel understood. Afterall, children also have wishes, don’t they?

Yara Davison
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