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Importance of a Shopping Mall Car Park

When you are driving to a shopping mall, having a place to park is something that you take for granted until you can’t find an available space. When constructing a shopping mall, it is very important to go through statistics and estimate the number of visitors to the mall and how to provide a car park to accommodate all of them.

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The car park is the first point of contact between the shopping mall and the customer so it makes sense to create a good experience for them. This is what gives them the first impression about the shopping mall and driving around for a good part of an hour looking for an available place to park is not the right impression to give. The customer will already be entering the shopping mall in a bad mood and they will be more inclined to leave as soon as possible as the entire experience has now been tainted by the long wait and the inconvenience. This kind of situation will also lead to more queues for customers entering and exiting the mall. Just having a car park is not enough; there are so many factors that have to be considered such as the safety of pedestrians and drivers, signage, clarity of markings, wide open spaces, proper lighting etc. To ensure customers keep coming back to the shopping mall, you need to make sure they have a good parking experience. They may not necessarily remember a positive experience but they will surely remember a negative one. And it can soon spread through word of mouth to potential customers as well.

People usually have a purpose when they come to the shopping mall and it can get a little muddled when they spend a long time looking for a place to park. And you should also be able to park safely and easily. When you lead a busy life, spending a lot of time on something such as going around in a car park can be quite ridiculous. And this can lead to a very stressed customer who doesn’t want to spend much time in the shopping mall. This can lead to accidents as well. Therefore it is very important to have efficient solutions for the car park that can be communicated clearly to the customer. This kind of initiative will win them over and they will be more inclined to visit the shopping mall again.

There are guidance systems that can be installed in a car park that can indicate where an open spot is so that you don’t have to spend a long time looking for a space. And when very little time is taken in the car park, the customer has a lot of time on their hands to go around the shopping mall and not just look for the one thing they came for. It also leads to reduced pollution. Window shopping often leads to a customer making a purchase and this will be more beneficial for the shopping mall. There will be more time for customers to enjoy themselves and their happy memory of being in the mall will stay with them; they are likely to talk to their friends about it so this will increase your sales as well. 


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